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A unique twist on the worldwide smash from Popcap in conjunction with Sega and Hollywood Gaming.  Up to 4 players play simultaneously to swap adjacent gems and create lines of 3 of the same kind to win tickets. Bonuses are awarded for creating lines of 4 or 5 gems. Players must win as many tickets as they can in the time limit.  This product was also designed to pay vouchers for prize payout.



Bejeweled Redemption

Designed specifically as a pay to play game on social networking platforms, Pokerville is an engaging blend of Poker and flirting incorporating a social upgrade model.  Players choose their avatar, then must progress from saloon bar to casino, winning enough money to buy finer clothes for access to more salubrious surroundings!  Features a fully working poker room engine and additional skill game for winning cash.


Skill Payout


A licensed Pay to Play game from EMI Music Publishing, which gives the Player Lyrics to guess from the EMI catalogue of over 10 million songs!  Powered by Hollywood Gaming’s Skill Engine, the game balances payouts across multiple territories and thousands of players.  Launched across social networking platforms, this game supports 3 languages and boasts localised content for all Latin American territories


Skill Payout

EMI Lyric - Prize Quiz

In this Terminal version of the popular EMI Licensed game, players must guess letters to complete a lyric line from a well known song in a ‘Hangman’ style game play.  Completing the lyric quickly earns points which accumulate to award prizes!  Bonus rounds offer extra lives as well as other in-game bonuses to boost game play.


Skill Payout

EMI Lyric

Code Red is an action packed prize-vend shooting game for older players, released in a cusom designed cabinet by Sega.  Walking through a 3D modelled environment, the player must shoot targets in an FBI style officer training scenario.  The more accurate the shot, the better the score and if the player completes the last stage, bigger prizes will be won!



Code Red

Using a familiar Tic Tac Toe game mechanic, Hollywood Belle uses classic World War 2 plane imagery to deliver a modern game with a vintage feel.  By answering general knowledge questions correctly the player must complete a line across the grid.  The more Tic Tac Toe grids completed, the higher the prizes!


Skill Payout

Hollywood Belle

Fact or Fiction

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Shoot This Win This


Pathway to Riches

Break the Bank


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